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Wonder Valley Christian Camp exists for the purpose of leading the unsaved to Christ, and helping Christians to grow in the Lord. Volunteer faculty and paid staff have the responsibility of showing Christ to the campers  through the programs scheduled by the Deans. These programs must be provided for the camper in a safe environment. You can help us reach these goals by clicking the button below, and going to our online portal to complete your faculty screening form.

When you click the button to fill out your screening form you will see an option to pay $6 to help offset the cost of running the background check.

NOTE: There is a notice in the application that includes verbiage about credit reports. Wonder Valley Christian Camp and Camp Background Checks are NOT running a credit report on you. This disclosure is called “A Summary of Your Rights Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act”. While this was created specifically to inform consumers about their rights regarding credit reports, it was modified to add in “consumer reports” which is what a background check is. The background screening company is required by law to provide this notice to consumers to inform them of their rights in regards to their background check.

Only volunteer faculty or staff age 12 and older that have one of these questionnaires completed and on file in the office will be allowed to stay at camp.

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