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2024 Summer Missionary

Each summer Wonder Valley Christian Camp invites a missionary to share their work and broader mission with campers. The 2024 summer missionary is Dan Larsson, from Pinehaven Christian Children's Ranch  who will be on site, along with his family, pictured here. 

Dan Larsson, Pinehaven Christian Children's Ranch and School

Dan's grandparents started Pinehaven Ranch in 1976, so he has been with the ranch all his life...full time since he graduated in 2009. The Ranch includes over 1,100 acres near Saint Ignatius, Montana and has served 700+ young people over the years.


At the ranch they seek to reach and help as many young people as possible, to discover what skills they have and reach the potential God has placed in them.

GAP Ministry: Preparing for Life

The GAP ministry is a program to give students hands on experience, deepen their faith and relationships--completely free thanks to donations. There are three mini trade-school sessions, 8 weeks at a time. After completing an 8-week program, students have the opportunity to move into an apprenticeship program. 

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