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2022 specialty weeks INfo
Specialties I: Woodworking & Cooking Camps (June 12-17)
Specialties II: Outdoor Sports & Craft Camps (June 26-July 1)

Faculty and Jr. Faculty for Specialties I and Specialties II:

Thank you so much for choosing to spend a week of your summer serving at Wonder Valley Christian Camp. We have a PACKED schedule planned, and I am looking forward to working with all of you.

Everything I address here will pertain to both Specialties Weeks. If you have questions about the specific week you are working, feel free to get in touch with me.

Current Registration Numbers:

Woodworking Camp: 9 Boys, 1 Girl  
Cooking Camp: 12 Girls 


Craft Camp: 10 Girls

Outdoor Sports: 18 Boys (full)  2 Girls


We will again be in the Macedonia dorm, in the "meadow" property at Wonder Valley.  Adult faculty will have a full-sized bed and Jr. Faculty will have a twin sized bed like the campers, so pack your bedding accordingly. 



There will be a Faculty meeting 3:00-3:30 on the Sunday of each week. Please arrive on time, as I will have even more details to go over before the campers arrive at 4:00 to begin their check-in process.

On Sunday, each camper will be given a water bottle, a folder with their schedule, memory work, an ink pen and a string backpack to keep these things organized.  Faculty will also receive a water bottle, string backpack and the final schedule. If you submitted your Faculty Screening Form before May 8, you will also get a free camp t-shirt. (If you have not submitted your screening form please use the link above to do it as soon as possible.)



I have linked to the  Preliminary Schedule (pdf) here, but I will have the final schedule to hand out on Sunday, as there are always a few last minute adjustments, and your final schedule will include the rotation for recreation. You will notice on the back of this schedule I have included the memory verses that campers will be working on all week. Some faculty have asked for copies of it in the past, and for those of you that are new -  I'll explain in more in detail in the Sunday meeting how we use memory work.


Each morning, campers will complete the first page of that day's paper for the  Morning Devotions(pdf)   on their own. Later in the morning faculty will use the Leader Guide on the next page to facilitate discussion over that material during Family Time #1. The campers in this group will be your Specialty.

In the evening, during Family Time #2, faculty will use the
 Evening Discussion Notes (pdf) to lead Bible study in the dorms to end the day. You can work together to decide if you want to do this by dorm room, or combine into a girls group and a boys group and rotate discussion leaders each night. Please print off these two sets of notes prior to arriving at camp, so you have paper copies for leading discussions.

2022 THEME: 

Our theme this year is Unshakable  (Psalm 16:8). This verse points to the fact that we can depend on God to help us have an unshakable faith.  My goal in selecting the study material and the   worship music  is help campers come to know God in deeper way, and depend on Him completely, instead of being swayed by the chaos of this world. We want to help campers understand that God had a plan to rescue us, before the foundation of the world was laid. We can be confident and secure knowing that Jesus Christ is that rescuer and we can also depend on the Holy Spirit to guide is in crazy and confusing times.

Let me now if you have any questions,

For His Kingdom,

Tracy Weaver

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